Hillsview Academy is at the heart of the local community engaging with a wide range of providers to ensure the best for our students, their families and the wider community.

The local community, businesses, associated primary schools, other schools and community organisations all form an integral part of life at Hillsview Academy. 

We are proud to be supporting children and families and promoting local, national and global partnerships. 

We are working with Achieve Together and a cluster of North East secondary schools to narrow the achievement gap for our students.

As an academy we have drawn new staff from as far afield as Canada and New York, whilst nurturing and growing our own talented teachers through teach first, scitt, PGCE and other ITT programmes ensuring that we can provide world class teachers for Hillsview Academy students.

We are developing a community of volunteers to come into the academy to work with staff and students to raise aspirations and bring in fresh and new approaches to working with our young people.

Hillsview Academy is beginning to establish itself within the local community and we will be developing opportunities for extended hours and designated spaces available for learning, community and social activities and family education. We will be holding family focus days in October 2015.

We endeavour to create an Academy in which the local community can take great pride in and has a reputation for considering everyone’s needs - regardless of ability, gender and ethnicity.

Community Equality

Hillsview Academy endeavours to enable all students to have equal opportunities across the many trips, visits, events and other extra-curricular activities throughout the academic year.

Exchange experiences equality

Hillsview Academy will seek to offer opportunities for our students to meet and exchange ideas with children from different backgrounds. There are two recent examples of the. In Art and Design a group of Year 7 students took part in an international ipad based art challenge. They exchanged ideas with students across many different countries in the world. 

Also a group of Hillsview students took part in the ‘Kids Lit Quiz’ regional finals at King James School in Knaresborough. This is a national literature competition. 32 teams across the whole of Yorkshire took part with the winner going on to the national final.

A group of talented Year 9 scientists took part in a STEM activity at the Centre for Life in Newcastle with schools from across the North East.