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Why is it important for your child to be in school on time?

Tutor time starts at 8:30am so it means your child has to be in school no later than 8:20am, why?

  • It’s VERY IMPORTANT to be punctual (to school and all lessons) - it will teach your child how to be on time for work in the future.
  • Students like to catch up with their friends before tutor time starts.
  • If your child misses any work or important messages at the start of the day/lesson it is harder to catch up and to feel part of the group.
  • We would like your children to take an active part in all lesson activities from the start.
  • By being late your child will interrupt the teacher, other students and their friends. Nobody wants your child to get a detention and be in trouble.

Attendance and Achievement

We WANT your child’s life to be a success! We DO NOT want your child to fail! We are sure that as a parent you want exactly the same things for your child!

How can we work together and make it happen?

  • Children should come to school every day. Our academy’s attendance target is 96% but students should always aim for 100%.
  • We WANT our students to learn so that they have the opportunity to go to College or University, take up an apprenticeship/training and find a good job.
  • If your child is not in school, missing odd days, he/she is falling behind and it’s harder to catch up with school work. Your child may feel discouraged, confused or left out. We do not wish for this to happen as we WANT your child to be happy and confident in school!
  • If your child is genuinely ill please provide the academy with a medical note/appointment slip so that the absence can be authorised!
  • Please try to book medical appointments outside of school hours. If the appointment has to be during the day please send your child to school before or after the appointment.
  • If you have any problems getting your child to school please TALK to us!
  • If your child takes one day off every week, at the end of the school year it will give a total of nearly 8 weeks off school!
Attend and Achieve

Students who attend well also achieve well, last Year’s Year 11 students GCSE results clearly show this link;

  • 75% of students with 100% attendance achieved 5 A*-C Grades
  • 66% of students with 95-100% attendance achieved 5A*-C Grades
  • 33% of students with 90-95% attendance achieved 5A* -C Grades
  • 17% of students with 85-90% attendance achieved 5A* -C Grades
  • 16% of students with Below 85% attendance achieved 5A*-C Grades

Days off school = Days of lost learning

Percentage attendance in one school year

Number of lessons missed per year

Number of weeks missed per year

Number of years missed over 5 years






50 lessons

2 weeks

¼  Year


100 lessons

4 weeks

½  Year


150 lessons

6 weeks

¾ Year


200 lessons

8 weeks

1 Year


300 lessons

12 weeks

1½  Years


400 lessons

16 weeks

2 Years


500 lessons

20 weeks

2½  Years

Attendance Procedures

  • Your child may be placed on Attendance Report as a form of support to help to improve their attendance- Red Report if my child is below 85% attendance; Orange Report if my child is below 90% and Green Report if my child is between 90-96%.
  • You may be invited into the academy for a meeting to discuss ways of helping your child to improve attendance.
  • You may receive a letter from the academy notifying you if your child’s attendance is of concern.
  • You may receive a phone call or a home visit regarding your child’s attendance or/and punctuality.
  • The academy target is 96% but I and my child will aim for 100% attendance
  • Your child will be praised for improving or great attendance with certificates, achievement points, vouchers or other rewards
  • Your child’s good attendance will contribute to his/her great progress in school!
  • If something is worrying your child about school please TALK TO US and we will try to help!

Extended Leave

  • Families should take holidays in school holidays.
  • All absences in Term Time due to going on a holiday or any other reason for extended leave will be unauthorised. Any extra time off school during Term Time will affect your child’s attendance and progress.
  • Your child will miss: 
    • valuable lessons

    • social time

    • possible educational visits

    • exams

    • and much more!

  • Please note that if you do take your child out of school on an extended leave in Term Time you may be fined (£60 per parent per child) and your child may lose a place at our academy.

 School Telephone Number: 01642 454577 

Attendance Team

Attendance Officer – Miss Olive Fletcher: Tel: (01642) 454577 Option 1 (Student Absence)

Attendance Welfare Officer -  Tel: (01642) 454577